I’m Shelly King, a writer and writing teacher living in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.

New posts are published on Tuesday. For some reason that no one has ever been able to explain to me, new books almost always come out on Tuesday. (If you are the magical being who does know why this is, please contact me and reveal all you know!) So I

It’s all about the backlist. I don’t talk about the new book, just the author’s previously published work.

It’s mostly fiction, but sometimes nonfiction. I admit I don’t read nearly as much nonfiction as fiction, but every once in a while, you may see a nonfiction book pop-up here.

This is a passion project. I don’t accept free copies of books. Everything here is a book that I have on my shelf that I purchased my own self.

I only write about books I like. I’m not a book reviewer, and I leave the every so valuable function of evaluation of a writer’s work to them. This blog is about telling people about the previous works of authors that have a new book out or books from the past that you may not know about.

As a writer, I know a lot of other writers.¬†And I want to help them get the word out about their books! So you will see a content here by friends of mine. But if I know the author, I’ll tell you.

All the content here is written by me. I may invite guest authors later on, but right now, it’s all me.